APS Golconda Grand Parents Day


A salute to our Roots ‘Our Treasure

To cherish the bond between Grandparents and Grandchildren, we at APS Golconda celebrated 'Grandparents Day'. The morning of September 10, 2022, was filled with abundant showers of blessings, excitement and cheer as the students anxiously awaited to welcome their dear grandparents. More than fifty grandparents turned up for the event and they were welcomed with greeting cards and origami flowers made by tiny tots. The function began with an exuberant Gummy Bear Dance. The ‘Song’ sung by the angelic stars set the tone for the morning with the message of ‘Love’. Our little boys and girls put their best foot forward and mesmerized the audience with their enthralling dance performances. To balance the tones set by the events thus far, we had Games in which grandparents participated with great zeal. The children were very excited to see their granddad and grand mom participate in the games and cheered them wholeheartedly. The grand parents were very sportive and brought out the child in them through their active participation. The fond of affection for their grandchildren reflected in the very fact that they held the hands of their respective grandchild while performing some of the games.

The children seemed like a motivation factor for everyone to give their best. This was followed by a special segment focusing on the bond between the grandchild and the grandparents wherein the grandparents shared their experience and expressed their gratitude and love to the teachers and commented on how special they felt. The attractive and fantabulous selfie corner invited the grandparents to have their photographs clicked which made them feel special and loved. The winner Grandparents from the Game were greeted with gifts. The School Staff also interacted on a one-to-one basis with the guests, during the high tea arranged for them. The general mood was one of exultation and everyone seemed truly happy. Grandparents Day was a memorable one for the children as well as the grandparents, who left with happy memories, loads of appreciation and heaps of blessings to the school and its staff.

All in all it was a beautiful and blessed morning with Love All Around!!