Inauguration of Classrooms at APS Golconda

IMaj Gen. N Srinivas Rao, GOC TASA and Patron APS Golconda inaugurated the newly constructed primary wing with the facilities of smart classroom set up. The vibrant classrooms are in perfect harmony with the environment where students strive for excellence. He took a view of the new classrooms and appreciated the effort of the Management to provide ICT enabled instructions to all the classes which make the classroom transaction interesting and help the students to assimilate the concept formation and understanding easily.

He also lauded  the school for outshining results and  outstanding record in all the subjects as year after the  year. The  school has carved a niche for itself among the cluster of educational institutions in the city on the academic front and exhibited its intellectual capacities and skills with diligence and endeavour. He also visited the projects taken up by the school to support for environmental protection and sustainable energy option.

GOC TASA appreciated the efforts in generating electricity through solar panels as it is one of the pioneers in the state on energy generation through self sufficiency model. He applauded the Vision and Mission of the school and the school’s endeavor to have state of the art facility to inculcate the holistic development  in the 21st century learners.