The biology students of class 11th and 12th of Army Public School Golconda attended an enriching workshop on advanced DNA by Escherichia Genomics, New Delhi, which was
conducted on 12th September 2023 by Mr VK Singh, DNA scientist.

In the workshop, the students learnt about the various methods of extraction of DNA from flowers, leaves, human hair and blood. They were guided through the entire process as they learnt about the various enzymes, chemicals, equipment and solutions used in professional laboratories throughout the world. Procedures like centrifugation, usage of micropipettes, gel electrophoresis and spooling were carried out to separate the DNA and see it with the naked eye.

The students then learnt about DNA fingerprinting and bioinformatics through a very educative PowerPoint presentation by the scientists. It was enriching for the students to experience this procedure in person, as they had only read about it before in the books. The students thoroughly enjoyed learning techniques and having a hands on experience in the workshop and learnt in great depth about biotechnology and it's applications in the real world. The initiative inspired the students of Army Public School, Golconda explore their career option as molecular biologist and Virologist.

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