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 World Heritage Day at APS, Golconda: Embracing Diversity and Preserving Cultural Legacy

“World Heritage Day reminds us of the invaluable treasures that connect us to our past, inspire us in the present, and enrich our future."

On the occasion of World Heritage Day on 18 April, the students of Army Public School Golconda joined hands as citizens of a common world to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and diversity. The events, spread over almost a week, helped the children to appreciate the richness of the World heritage. Under the theme "Discover and experience diversity," the school organized a series of engaging activities aimed at fostering appreciation for our shared heritage and promoting cultural understanding.

The hallmark event was a Heritage Walk to the Qutub Shahi Tombs, undertaken by the students of the Senior Sections. Led by the school authorities, the students embarked on a journey to explore the architectural marvels near the Golconda Fort. The Qutub Shahi Tombs, final resting place for seven sultans of Hyderabad, served as a poignant reminder of the region's religio-cultural harmony and historical significance. Through this immersive experience, the students gained valuable insights into the rich legacy left behind by the Qutb Shahi rulers, who championed inclusivity and artistic expression. A photography Competition was also organized where children got the chance to catch and express the exquisite beauty of the monuments through the lens of their camera.

Joining in the events, students from the middle classes embarked on captivating virtual tours of the Palace of Versailles and the Great Wall of China, delving into the cultural and historical significance of these iconic landmarks. Students showcased their profound understanding of world heritage sites and demonstrated their knowledge and appreciation through a spirited and engaging quiz competition. These activities not only expanded their knowledge of world heritage but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards preserving our common legacy for future generations.

The educative journey continued with creative expressions of Indian heritage by students from the Primary section. The students took center-stage with a poignant assembly that highlighted India's architectural gems including the majestic Taj Mahal, the towering Qutub Minar, and the imposing Red Fort. With eloquence and passion, the students transported their audience to these iconic landmarks, painting vivid pictures of India's illustrious past and igniting a sense of awe and reverence. Through pottery making, they dived into the rich tradition of craftsmanship, shaping various pots and delicate diyas with their hands. Their exploration of different designs echoed the diversity found within Indian culture, fostering not only individual expression but also collaboration and companionship among friends.

Furthermore, the Senior School students organized a special assembly to underscore the importance of preserving our rich cultural heritage. An invigorating Tabla performance and an amalgamation of the classical and folk dances of India, gave precious glimpses into our affluent culture. With a motto of celebrating our heritage with immense pride, they raised awareness about the need for collective efforts to protect and conserve our world's diverse heritage sites.

Through a blend of educational initiatives and creative expressions, Army Public School Golconda commemorated World Heritage Day with a resounding message of unity, appreciation, and preservation of our shared heritage.

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