The English Debate Competition on the topic "Evolution of technology and its impact on society's ingenuity and ethical values" was held on 21st August 2023 at APS, Golconda. The event saw the participation of four prestigious schools, namely Army Public School , Golconda; APS, Bolarum; APS, Chennai; and APS, RK Puram. The debate aimed to facilitate a thought-provoking discussion on whether the advancement of technology has led to a society that lacks originality and ethical values.

Each participating school was represented by three speakers, one speaking in favor of the motion the other against it and an interjector. 

The competition began with each speaker presenting their opening statements. The speaker arguing for the motion from APS, Golconda highlighted how technology, while providing convenience, has led to a decline in human creativity and a shift away from traditional ethical values. The speaker speaking against the motion , on the other hand, emphasized that technology has enabled innovation and progress without necessarily eroding ethical principles.

The teams put forward arguments that as technology becomes more advanced, individuals rely on it for tasks that once required ingenuity and creative thinking. They discussed how algorithms and automation can stifle human innovation and limit the exploration of new ideas. Furthermore, the speakers expressed concerns about the erosion of ethical values in the pursuit of technological advancements, citing instances of data breaches, privacy violations, and AI bias.

The speakers against the motion countered by stating that technology itself is not responsible for a lack of ingenuity or ethical values. They argued that it's how society chooses to use and adapt to technology that matters. The speakers highlighted examples of how technology has enabled medical breakthroughs, sustainable practices, and global connectivity, which they believe reflects societal innovation and a commitment to ethical progress.

Following the main arguments, the speakers engaged in rebuttals, countering each other's points and reinforcing their own positions. The debate concluded with each team's closing statements, summarizing their key points and leaving the audience with a final impression.

The judges had a challenging task ahead of them, given the insightful arguments presented by all four schools. After careful deliberation, the judges announced APS, Golconda as the winners of the debate. Nandini Mehra lifted the trophy for best speaker for the motion and Dhritvan Kumar Shahi lifted the trophy for best speaker against the motion, the I interjector  from APS, Bolarum lifted the trophy for best interjectir.They praised the team's ability to demonstrate that technology, when harnessed responsibly, can coexist with societal ingenuity and ethical values.

The English Debate Competition provided a platform for students to critically examine the relationship between technology, creativity, and ethics. The event underscored the importance of responsible technological integration and the need to nurture both innovative thinking and ethical principles in a rapidly evolving world.

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