Earth Day


Earth Day Celebrations at Army Public School Golconda

Earth Day, celebrated globally on April 22nd, serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. At Army Public School Golconda, this year's Earth Day was marked by a series of engaging and educational activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Students convened a special assembly highlighting the theme of 'Planet vs Plastic'. Through speeches, interactive sessions, and practical demonstrations on soil conservation, attendees gained insights into environmental stewardship. The assembly culminated with a poignant dance performance and a collective pledge to safeguard our planet.

An Inter-School Poster Making Competition was held for primary school children under the theme 'OUR EARTH – OUR LIFE'. Students participated enthusiastically, showcasing creativity and originality in depicting various environmental issues. The competition served as a great learning experience, inspiring students to take action to protect the environment.

Primary school children revived the delicate connection between Mother Earth and humanity through pottery making. They shaped various pots and diyas. This was followed by the fun filled activity of earthen pot decoration which unleashed their creativity with a message about the need to save our natural resources our Mother Earth. Students worked enthusiastically and experimented with different shades of colours and materials to flaunt their artistic imagination. The students understood how we can use natural materials for cooling water or cooking instead of materials which are harmful for health and Earth. 

To draw attention towards waste management and environmental sustainability, and to educate children on the importance of decomposable waste and its potential as manure, a DIY manure making activity was conducted. Children gathered bio-wastes like vegetable peels and dry flowers, learning how to turn them into nutrient-rich manure. 

In addition to the above activities, children engaged in the creative process of making bookmarks with poignant messages for soil conservation. These colorful and imaginative bookmarks served as reminders of our responsibility towards Mother Earth, emphasizing the importance of protecting natural resources. 

The Middle school students expressed their ideas on 'Planet vs Plastic' through an Elocution Competition. They impressed everyone with articulate insights, emphasizing the urgency of addressing environmental challenges and the importance of sustainable living.

The Earth Day celebrations at Army Public School Golconda were a resounding success, fostering environmental awareness and inspiring action among students. Through a diverse range of activities, students were empowered to become stewards of the environment, driving positive change within the school community and beyond. These initiatives exemplify the school's commitment to nurturing environmentally conscious citizens and contributing to a sustainable future.



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