With the key objective of bringing out hidden talents and developing interpersonal skills amongst the students with a focus on creating awareness on science, APS Golconda organised Science Exhibition on the occasion of 'National Science Day'. It was inaugurated by honourable Principal Mrs Vidya Muralidharan on 19 February 2020. Students from class III to VIII displayed innovative talents showcasing static and working models on ‘Cool experiments and Fun Games’. It ignited not only research mindedness but also creating teaching aides to learn various science concepts for the classroom learning with great interest. The participants explained their displays confidently to the viewers so that they could understand the cognitive and psychomotor aspects of the task. Students had prepared models like Sophia, first humanoid robot, working of a wind mill, functioning of heart, food chain, waste water management etc. were showcased along with the DC Motor based models. Dr Nagendra Srivastava, an eminent scientist from DRDO visited the campus and enhanced the student’s knowledge and rekindled enthusiasm in developing analytical and critical thinking. Class 8th students made us aware about the relation between Science and Nature with their presentation.

To highlight the theme of the year, the students of class VIII presented a Power point presentation on Contribution of Women in Science. Legends of Science and the doctrine of school in revamping technology and scientific thinking in the young contemporaries. They also provided latest information in Science and technology to create awareness on the relation between Science and Nature. Through Magic show on scientific principles, the students entertained the audience and made them thinking about how the phenomena work. Students from classes II to VIII visited and benefited from the initiative taken by the school had encouraged the students to put up such a wonderful and enlightening exhibition. Overall the science exhibition was highly informative, innovative and educative for all age group students.